American-made Rustic Pine Furniture

100% Amish handmade furniture for that perfect americana or rustic interior design. Our furniture carries on generations of tradecraft and skills to make furniture the classic way without high-tech machines. Just your basic tools and skills.

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About Our Furniture

Each piece of furniture we make is built with a craftsman’s touch. We love to carry on the tradition of generations making furniture using classic building techniques. While we don’t use high-tech machines to make our furniture we have a more hands-on and connected experience with making our furniture. Hewing each piece of wood, planing each board, and carving each detail means the finished product holds a little bit of ourselves in each piece.

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Their blueberry pie was absolutely amazing and the goats milk soaps smell great and are great for adding some moisturizer since I've been washing my hands so much recently.

Derek Bryant

Stopped out for their Saturday chicken bbq, everything was great. When we arrived we could smell the bbq in the air and it was everything we expected. The country store was also so authentic to the Lancaster Amish community with a huge variety. We will definitely be back.

Terry Christopher